University’s agenda requires more money

As an evolving University that must change with the times, it is essential that a special legislative session be called so that the school can propose an emergency budget request. Things never go as planned, and this year the University encountered many surprises. The $75 we are asking legislators for is crucial so that the University can continue its educational mission. This is the best time to invest in the initiatives that University President Mark Yudof has outlined. With molecular and cellular biology as the key focus, this will be the best money the state has ever spent. While we’re at it, the University finds this an opportune time to also ask for a gift that fits with their historic preservation plans.
The molecular and cellular biology initiative is one of infinite benefits. As one of the leading biological research centers in the nation, the University has an opportunity to continue its top-ranking status. This can only be done by putting money toward new equipment and laboratory setup costs. And in doing this, the University needs $60 for an espresso maker. It is only with top-notch equipment that the school can draw in blue-chip faculty. The University has already lost many of its current staff members because it cannot match competitive coffee makers that lure faculty in to other colleges in the nation. By bringing in an espresso maker, the University hopes to show current and potential faculty that it understands and supports their needs.
Equally important to nurturing the future, however, is preserving the past. A campus historical district extending from Northrop Mall to Coffman Union is not complete without recognizing the architects that have made the buildings. That’s why we need $15 for a picture frame. In the frame will be the original lead sketch of Northrop before it was built. It will dangle from inside Northrop so that staff, students, faculty, alumni and friends don’t forget our great history. The University will eventually extend its recognition of architectures with other buildings in the historically designated Mall district.
The school’s request also marks a historical point, for it is the smallest budget proposal the school has ever made. Yet the University’s financial needs are justified, and an emergency legislative session is necessary. Without the money, the University cannot complete its mission to serve the University and the state community. Although the University realizes that $75 is a lot, it should be thought of as a long-term investment.
Now is the time to invest in the state’s future. It is crucial that the University be strong in cellular and molecular biology. Nurturing this initiative will take the University right to the top. University faculty members have already made great contributions for the advancement of molecular and cellular biology science. They can continue to make people’s lives better. The University is proud of where it is going with its future, and school administrators hope legislators support strong efforts. The school can also boast about its great past, and that can be made visible if we preserve and highlight the buildings that remind us of our history. With the help of the state, the University can continue stepping to the top of the educational ladder.