Visiting fraternity brother arrested, released in rape investigation

by Tim Sturrock

Minneapolis police arrested a Creighton University chapter member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity July 14 for the alleged sexual assault of a 19-year-old woman near the University campus. Charges have not been filed.

The 21-year-old member was living at the University of Minnesota’s Phi Kappa Psi chapter when the alleged rape occurred.

Steven Fedel, president of the University chapter, said people living at the house on University Avenue asked the man to leave Monday when he returned from jail.

“Even if it is just suspicion, we have to do what’s best for all parties concerned,” Fedel said.

Fedel said he’s not positive if the rape happened in the fraternity house, where, that night, members entertained friends.

According to the police report, the rape occurred early Saturday morning. Police do not release information that might reveal the victim’s identity in sexual assault cases.

Fedel said the ordeal upset the entire house, where most people liked the suspect and had no problems with him.

“I hate to think something like that could happen,” he said.

The victim was not living at the fraternity, as many sorority members do in the summer, but visiting two male friends living there.

Fedel said this is the first time the fraternity has allowed a member of another chapter to live at the house and the first time he has heard of something like this happening there.

Minneapolis police have not finished their investigation.

In other police news

The Minneapolis police bomb squad was called to the northeast entrance of Pillsbury Hall on Monday morning after a custodian found a PVC pipe wrapped in duct tape.

After receiving the call, officers investigated and closed off the
surrounding area, said University police Capt. Steve Johnson.

Bomb squad X-rays and the consultation of a geology professor determined the object was a sediment sample discarded by a researcher in Pillsbury Hall, Johnson said.

ïMinneapolis police issued a noisy assembly citation to a resident on Ninth Avenue Southeast after receiving a 911 call about an assault.

According to the police report, officers noticed people moving band equipment from the house.

Police reported they broke up the party and issued citations to Erik Stone, 22, a resident, and Paul Carlson, a visiting friend who mocked one of the officers.

According to the police report, officers received information that the residents were selling beer cups and warned them about selling liquor without a license.

Stone denied selling cups and said his house didn’t have a keg that night. Police did not make an arrest in the 911 assault call to which they responded. Stone said the assailant was a stranger who showed up looking for a fight.

Police arrived fifteen minutes after the man was ejected from the party by residents, Stone said.

He said the citation was out of order because there weren’t any noise complaints, and he plans to contest the ticket.

Cyndi Montgomery, Minneapolis police spokeswoman, compared that argument to a situation where police respond to a robbery and cannot make an arrest in the homicide at the scene.

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