Debt destroys wealth public and private

by Al Schmitz

âÄúMy people are destroyed for lack of knowledgeâÄù Hosea 4:6. Is that true today? After 100 years of government lobbying, we are practically under a dictatorship with freedoms vanishing. Our government has accrued a debt of un-payable trillions. WeâÄôve lost our freedom-loving country because of the secrecy of the debt-money system, a practice kept from the publicâÄôs focus and from education curricula. We should remember that the banking groups of Europe found a âÄòpaper gold mineâÄô centuries ago, with which they burdened the people of Europe with a âÄòtyranny of debt.âÄô This drove colonists to America. The founders gave us a country of freedom under the U.S. Constitution. Money, to hold its value, must be derived from labor and property by Congressional authority, not by private banking. Al Schmitz Daily reader