U police arrest a man for stealing from graduate student rooms

by Matthew Gruchow

A 49-year-old man was arrested Thursday after he was found rummaging through graduate student rooms and laboratories in an art department building.

The man took music concert tickets, a portable stereo and microwavable food containers, the police report stated.

He threatened to stab the University faculty member who caught him, according to the report.

The faculty member called police and followed the suspect while talking on a cell phone with police.

The suspect was known to police for past offenses, said Steve Johnson, deputy police chief for the University Police Department.

A case of fake identity

On Dec. 7, a University staff member reported to police that he had been approached by another man posing as a University staff member.

“He said he was director of the international student affairs at the University,” Johnson said.

The suspect allegedly posted an ad regarding student visas, represented himself as a University staff member and tried to collect service fees, Johnson said.

“It might have been part of a potential to scam someone out of some money,” Johnson said.

Students need to be cautious of such advertisements, he said.

“Be suspicious; make sure it’s really who you want to talk to,” Johnson said.

Alleged vandal caught

Police arrested a 22-year-old man after he was found in possession of graffiti equipment.

The man had graffiti sketches and two cans of spray paint, the police report states. He was also carrying a headlamp, disposable camera and lineman’s pliers, according to the report.

Drunken student

Police on Friday responded to a report of an 18-year-old female University student refusing to pay her $15 cab fair.

The woman was intoxicated and wearing only one shoe, according to the police report.

Police escorted the woman back to her residence hall to get money to pay her cab fare.

The woman was then taken to a detoxification center and cited for underage consumption of alcohol, according to the report.

Small dorm fire

On Friday, police responded to a fire alarm at Bailey Hall.

The police report states the St. Paul Fire Department extinguished a small fire in the third-floor men’s shower.

A sprinkler head also broke, according to the report.

Police are investigating the incident, Johnson said. No suspect information was available.

Repairs were finished by noon, said Susan Stubblefield, assistant director for Housing and Residential Life.

Housing officials will be investigating the incident, she said.