Central Corridor project delayed due to noise concerns

by Briana Bierschbach

Construction on the Central Corridor light-rail project has been pushed back from spring 2010 to late summer next year, according to MPR.


Minnesota Public Radio has raised similar concerns as the University of Minnesota, regarding the impact of light rail noise and vibrations. The Central Corridor light rail would run next to MPR’s broadcast headquarters on Cedar Street in St. Paul.


MPR is seeking a mitigation plan from the Metropolitan Council by March of this year, but these plans are pushing back construction from spring 2010 to late summer.


The University of Minnesota expressed similar vibration concerns for its research facilities that dot the proposed line. Vice President of the University Kathleen O’Brien told MPR that the University’s current plan is to have faculty  review mitigation plans, and deterimine the impact it will have on their research.


"Cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, biofuels, solar energy, nanotechnology — all of the major issues facing our society — renewable energy, health care, the prevention of illness and the safety of our community. This is the university’s job, the research mission of the university, and we’re trying to insure that we can continue doing our job for the state,"  O’Brien told MPR.