Gun control, round two

by Jessica Lee

For the second time this week, a committee meeting was packed full of gun control advocates and opponents.

Testifiers, lawmakers alike crowded into a House Public Safety Finance hearing, while many more watched on in overflow rooms, to discuss ways to end gun violence.

Rep. Alice Hausman, DFL-St. Paul, proposed two ideas. The first would prohibit the sale of new semi-automatic, military-style assault rifles.

The bill would require people who already own these types of firearms to register them with the state or turn them over to the police.

In her legislation, Hausman wants to refine the definition of assault rifles by their characteristics and omit the list of brands that are now legal.

The second bill would limit the size of ammunition magazines, or clips, to ten rounds.

Hausman's legislation makes up one-fourth of the total bills lawmakers are reviewing about gun control this week.

Some Democratic legislators want to merge many proposed changes to the state’s gun laws into one bill.

The proposals won't be voted on in committee hearings until later this month, or in early March, Hausman said.

Similar bills are expected to be discussed in the Senate later this month.