Attorney general in good condition after fainting in church

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Janet Reno fainted during a church service Sunday and was taken to a hospital, where she was reported in good condition.
Reno, 60, was expected to remain overnight for monitoring in the coronary unit at Georgetown University Medical Center, said Paul Katz, the center’s chief operating officer. She canceled a trip to New York on Monday where she had planned to tour a school and give a speech during the early morning.
President Clinton spoke with Reno from Air Force One while flying from Los Angeles to San Antonio.
Katz said Reno fainted at Full Gospel AME Church in suburban Clinton, Md., an hour and 15 minutes after the service began. Brandenburg said she felt nauseous while standing, sat down, fainted briefly and recovered but continued to feel nauseous.
Dr. Rodney Ellis, a physician at Georgetown University Medical Center who is a member of the congregation, examined Reno and advised that she be taken to the hospital, the Justice Department statement said. He accompanied her there.
Reno had a similar fainting spell while attending a conference in Mexico City in November 1997. Doctors attributed that fainting to exhaustion and dehydration.