Griffin more engaged than Kahn

Griffin has paid more attention to those traditionally excluded.

by Jennifer Belsito — Daily reader

I live in the Southeast Como neighborhood with my four-year-old son. I have been involved in and am invested in many aspects of this community and the quality of the neighborhood is especially important to me as I am raising my family here.

I have been living here for three years and attended college at the University of Minnesota. I live in the Como Student Community Cooperative with many other families and children, many of whom are international students. While I vote, I have always felt the community was lacking real representation. None of the families I know here have ever met Phyllis Kahn, and some are not even aware that she is our representative.

This community is unique in that there are families and students, which can make it difficult to feel that sense of community and unity. I met Mike Griffin in August while he was door-knocking in the Como neighborhood. I was impressed and excited that someone was going door to door talking with residents about the issues that are important to us. In November, Griffin even came and spoke at CSCC and registered residents to vote. He has engaged groups of people in this process that are normally ignored because of their lack of money and political power: new Americans, students and residents such as myself. There are big issues here that are being ignored such as landlord problems, skyrocketing tuition and lack of access to close and affordable grocery stores.

I have talked with Mike about all of these issues, and he has had enthusiasm and great ideas about how to create positive change here. He understands the current issues all of this districtâÄôs demographics face through his own experience and through the many listening sessions he has held. He has truly run this campaign by his slogan âÄúRespect, Empower, Include.âÄù For these reasons and many others, I will be going to caucus on Feb. 7 to be a delegate for Griffin.