GAPSA funding

by Tom Kelley

While I understand the University of Minnesota Student Fees CommitteeâÄôs position of not giving funds to Graduate and Professional Student Assembly for missing the application deadline, I strongly disagree with it. GAPSA is supposedly the graduate studentâÄôs voice in issues and policies implemented by the University. To silence this voice is not good policy. The Fees Committee is worried about treating each student organization equally, but I think the University has already abandoned equal treatment. The last time I checked my tuition bill, there was a GAPSA fee of about $11. I donâÄôt see any other line assessing a fee for other student organizations. Am I missing it? As GAPSA President Kristi Kremers wrote Feb. 4, this decision will negatively impact other student organizations, but the University seems to already have said, âÄúHey, GAPSA, weâÄôre going to charge every graduate student a fee to fund you.âÄù So, does that mean that no matter what they turn in, GAPSA gets their money? This is a bum deal all around, but if GAPSA is not funded, then the University better not take my $11 next semester. Tom Kelley University graduate student