Welcome to the Tech Corner

by Son Huynh

Welcome to the first post of the Tech Corner (short for Twin Cities Tech Corner or TC2), the Daily’s Technology blog. This blog is intended to keep you updated with the Mndaily.com website by mentioning new features and improvements as the Online Department releases them. The Daily’s IT staff (consisting of both the Online and Information Systems Department) will occasionally be posting Tech Reviews and Pro-Tips. We plan to eventually start our own Tech Corner section on the site so that we may expand, but we thought we’d just start off with a blog for now. Facebook: There have been a few major updates that I’d like to mention in this first post. First off, I’m sure some or most of you have noticed our new Facebook application. This new app features a newer, more interactive community-based platform for spreading the news of the University of Minnesota campus and surrounding areas. With this app, you will be able to post stories that you think are relevant as well as complete challenges for points and earn prizes! There are links around the site to take you there but just in case, here it is: http://apps.facebook.com/mndaily. Below are links to some press releases about the application:

Header: We have also released a brand new header for the site. This new header utilizes space much better than our old. Though it may seem a little more cluttered, you definitely see less white space. We also took this opportunity to revamp our header ads, we now offer two ad spots instead of one and they are a different size than the old one. You may have also noticed our secondary links at the top of the page. This allowed us to separate our editorial side from the business side (but mainly we were running out of room). Some minor changes include centering our skyline and moving the search bar (as well as adding a clock). Archives: One last thing, we have added a new "Stories Calendar" to our Archives system. This calendar allows people to click on a day and view all the stories that were published that day. We hope this will make it easier for people to find stories, especially recent issues. We also have plans for the PDF archives to be revamped in a similar fashion. Hope you enjoyed this first post and will continue to read our blog!