Twin Cities boasts growing music scene

Despite older music legends, we have plenty of new local acts making news.

by Tiffany Trawick

Minneapolis, land of the “Purple Rain,” has a very rich musical history. This is the home of world renowned artists like Prince and the producer “Jimmy Jam” Harris III, not to mention Bob Dylan and also hip-hop artist Atmosphere.

Other than these examples, however, it appears that no one of acclaim has made it out of this city, or state for that matter. This has led many to believe that the music industry in the Twin Cities is simply dead. This, however, is not true.

While the cities are filled with countless museums and theaters, it has always been easier to find the next play than great concert. But if you keep your ears open, you will also find that Minneapolis is filled with music created locally.

The student group Voices Merging is Minnesota’s biggest open mic group. When I’d go, people from all around would come to share their music. It was a beautiful collaboration and an amazing display of our own talent.

Our artists can be heard in countless venues in the city such as historic First Avenue, Bunker’s, the 400 Bar, Hell’s Kitchen, Honey and even the Whole Music Club on our own campus.

The genres surrounding Minneapolis music varies from rap and hip-hop such as the groups Audio Perm and Fresh Squeeze to even gospel, like Jovonta Patton and Deliverance for Youth Choir. New local acts like Polica are making waves in the national music scene. And along with singers, this area is also the home for producers and DJs alike such as the BoomBox production group, Rhymesayers Entertainment and DJ Advance.

This goes to prove that the Twin Cities still breeds musical talent. The age of music is far from over for us. As a matter of fact, I believe it’s just beginning.