Dear Dr. Date,I u…

Dear Dr. Date,
I understand that there are sexual connotations to body piercing. What are the so-called pleasure advantages to ornamenting different portions of the anatomy?
— Out-of-touch

There are two different kinds of body piercing. Permanent piercings of the nipple, labia or penis are quite common and each placement provides certain sexual advantages. These piercings are also called ringings. Temporary piercings made into the flesh with needles, fishhooks or staples would mostly be made in a game played out between a top and a bottom in an S&M scenario.
There was a movie out recently about the latter called “Sick: Bob Flanagan, Super Masochist.” Judging from your letter, I think you wanted to know more about ringing.
Ringing is an age-old ritual performed all over the world from the ancient belly buttons of Egypt to today’s modern clitoral hoods.
The penis can be pierced in several different ways and angles, but caution must be used to avoid permanent nerve damage. In terms of sexual enhancement, piercing of the glans, or head of a man’s penis, can replace sensations lost at circumcision as well as add to his partner’s experience.
Piercing the labia, the folds of skin surrounding the entrance to the vagina, is another common routine. The small metal rings do not provide any great stimulation on their own. They can, however, be used to pull apart the labia, providing unfettered access to the clitoris and vaginal opening during cunnilingus. One may also attach objects to these rings via string, the purpose of which will be discussed later.
The painful process of piercing the clitoris is quite rare and can cause serious nerve damage. However, a ring with a small metal ball pierced through the less sensitive clitoral hood can add a lot of stimulation right where it’s needed during intercourse.
Other areas pierced include the nipple, tongue, scrotum and perennium. While these can add stimulation, they tend to be more ornamental than coitus enhancing.
Do I really need to warn you about being sterile and seeking professional guidance? Of course I do. All I see in my head is the pained red face of poor Matt, my high school friend who let us pierce his ear with a cold sewing needle and an apple. I’d never seen him cry before that.