Floating another battleship

The Midnight Evils are firmly rooted in the drunk-punk tradition

It takes a lot of hard work to get a label deal, or so you would think.

For the Midnight Evils, it took a lot of hard drinking.

On the local band’s second album for punk label Estrus Records (home to The Cherry Valence, The Knockout Pills, The Mummies and more) the band only increases its tolerance level.

“Breakin’ It Down” is not too different from past Midnight Evils records. But if you want a band that’s going to develop, mature and expand its music, go listen to a different one. The Midnight Evils play classic, hard-rocking punk made for a bar.

That’s not to say, though, the Midnight Evils are your average bar band. What sets the band apart from the others is its toughness. Its members play louder, faster and harder. And, of course, they drink more.

This attitude and style make the Midnight Evils stand out – enough to get noticed all the way across the pond by John Peel (the famous British radio DJ, sadly now deceased).

On the new album, songs such as “Good Time Vandy’s Got the Blues” and “Getting Down on the Midnight Hour” are soaked in all the blues, punk and beer you could ask for.

The songs on “Breakin’ it Down,” for the most part, blend together. No track in particular stands out.

But just when you think that’s all the partying you can handle for the night, the Midnight Evils order you another cold one that tastes too good to turn down.