The University does not advocate homeopathy

In response to the Oct. 27 letter to the editor, âÄúProtesting Homeopathy,âÄù IâÄôd like to offer an official response from the Center for Spirituality & Healing.

 The University of Minnesota is a campus that allows for open and free expression of ideas. In fact, it was a student group âÄî not the Center for Spirituality & Healing âÄî who brought in a speaker last year on homeopathy that stimulated reaction from people on campus who reject homeopathy. ThereâÄôs a link on the CenterâÄôs Taking Charge of Your Health website to the National Institutes of Health that provides information on homeopathy, including questions regarding its efficacy and the challenges with conducting research.

The allegation of the letter to the editor that students are referred to the Center for Spirituality & Healing for homeopathy and in turn offered advice is completely erroneous and without merit. Simply put, we do not teach, nor advocate, for homeopathy in any way, nor does the University as an institution.


Tony Baisley

communications director

Center for Spirituality & Healing/School of Nursing