Fatal fall from bridge ruled a suicide by police

by Jesse Weisbeck

A 45-year-old Minneapolis man died at about 7:45 p.m. on Thursday when he jumped from the 10th Avenue Bridge just south of University Avenue.
The man hit the gravel ground near several sets of train tracks below the bridge.
Hennepin County Medical examiners said the man died on impact from multiple injuries. He fell approximately 70 feet.
“His legs were bent, and his arms were up above his head,” said Stacey North, a University student who saw the body. “There wasn’t any blood.”
The man had no affiliation with the University. Minneapolis police confirmed the incident was a suicide and no foul play occurred.
Medical examiners do not release names of those who commit suicide to respect the privacy of their families. Although examiners said toxicology tests were run, they would not say whether drugs or alcohol were found in the man’s body.
North said she was standing outside her Florence Court residence, which faces the bridge, when she noticed dizzying police lights near the riverbank and on the bridge.
She had been waiting to be picked up by an acquaintance when she first noticed the commotion.
Curious, she said she walked to the bridge and peered over the edge where she noticed police hunting for something with flashlights.
Though they were working in darkness and drizzle, North said police located the man quickly.
The man, described by North as white and heavyset, was lying on his back when she saw him.
“To actually see that makes it so much more real,” she said.
North said when she saw the man she felt a rush of guilt for all the sarcastic thoughts she had ever had about suicide.
“It really brought out the value of life,” she said.