Of bedbugs and landlords

Alex EbertâÄôs March 12 article on the issue of bedbugâÄôs (âÄúBedbugâÄôs a costly nuisance in U areaâÄù), served to illustrate the need for education of both landlords and tenants on this topic. In the article, landlord Jason Klohs is quoted as saying that he wouldnâÄôt touch a bed bug problem if it arose during a tenancy because, âÄúWhy should I incur an expense if you donâÄôt vacuum or clean?âÄù The program referred to in the article, which was sponsored by University Student Legal Service and presented by University assistant professor Dr. Stephen Kells, was attended by approximately 200 interested people. Dr. Kells made it clear that there is no relationship between bedbug infestations and the cleanliness of a premise. Bedbugs can be found in the finest hotels where rooms are cleaned daily. Dr. Kells also emphasized the need for immediate action to control bedbugs when they are found. Based upon the information provided by Dr. Kells, the answer to KlohâÄôs question is simple; he should incur the expense necessary to immediately control bedbugs regardless of the cause, because to do otherwise is completely irresponsible. Bill Dane Staff Attorney University Student Legal Service