Hate speech in the Daily

by Adam Hennings

The xenophobic ravings of lunatics have enjoyed a resurgence courtesy of the media in recent months. If the Sept. 27 Opinion page is any indication, The Minnesota Daily intends to contribute to this resurgence. I could write an entire response column to AndersonâÄôs âÄúDown with America (the sexist parts),âÄù but the real worry here is that the Daily published his hate speech. By publishing this vitriol, the Daily became complacent in propagating racism and religious intolerance. It shocks me that the voice of my community, the Daily, published words like âÄúcrusty old Africans.âÄù The editor who cleared AndersonâÄôs column for publication should publish an apology. The editor should further clarify that our East African and Muslim neighbors are welcomed parts of our society. Anderson is not. Adam Hennings University staff