Student who lost spleen in hockey riots looking for witnesses.

LBy David Safar Lawyers for a University student claiming he was severely injured by police during the hockey riots are looking for witnesses as part of their investigation into the incident.

Ted Dooley, attorney for Jeffrey Arndt, would not comment on the details of his case but said he plans to file a legal complaint soon on behalf of Arndt.

“We are looking for students or nonstudents who witnessed the specific incident or something similar,” Dooley said.

Arndt has undergone two surgeries since the riots, one to remove his spleen after doctors discovered internal bleeding and a second related to the injury, Dooley said.

Hospital employees said Arndt’s injury could be caused by a high velocity projectile, such as a beanbag used by police as a non-lethal weapon, Dooley said.

Minneapolis police used non-lethal weapons during the riots including beanbag projectiles and rubber bullets, Minneapolis Police communications specialist Ron Reier said.

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