Seat, parking selection guides sent out to season ticket holders

A parking pass outside the new TCF Bank Stadium next year might cost more than room and board for one semester . The second of three TCF Bank Stadium brochures was mailed to season ticket holders last week detailing the seat and parking options theyâÄôll have to choose from for the stadiumâÄôs inaugural season. Similar to student class registration, ticket holders will be assigned five minute intervals during the selection process, scheduled to start in April and end in June. Registration times depend on how many Gopher Points ticket holders have acquired, and they may choose their seats anytime after their scheduled five minutes. The athletics department recommends making selections online for convenience, but ticket holders can also choose to purchase by phone, in person at the ticket office or wait to be assigned. The first brochure, released in June, explained the Gopher Points system, which allocates seating based on donations, current season ticket holders and alumni status. Financial donations will only factor in this yearâÄôs selection process if they are made before Dec. 31. Donations in 2009 will contribute to the following yearâÄôs Gopher Points. Garry Bowman, director of athletic communications at the University of Minnesota , said the third and final brochure will guide ticket holders through the selection process with all of the finalized details and prices. Parking At the moment, there are no plans to build new parking lots or ramps for the new stadium, Tom Wistrcill, senior associate athletics director at the University said. Parking will be split into four zones based on their relative distance from the stadium. Zones havenâÄôt been finalized yet, but will be announced in the third brochure. Though the cost of parking passes is not yet available, a spot in âÄúzone 1âÄù requires an âÄúannual giving levelâÄù of $2,500, except for premium seat ticket holders. âÄúZone 2âÄù requires $1,000 of annual giving, but meeting the minimum donation levels do not guarantee parking passes. No annual donations are required for parking spots in zones three and four. On the East Bank , 19 lots and ramps have been assigned for game day parking. Those who park on the West Bank will need to be shuttled to the stadium, Wistrcill said. The St. Paul campus has designated three lots and one ramp. Visiting team fans are encouraged to park there, Wistrcill said. Bowman said visitors are on their own when traveling to other football stadiums. âÄúItâÄôs kind of fend for yourself,âÄù he said. âÄúAnd thatâÄôs how it is wherever Gophers fans go too.âÄù The University will not schedule other athletics events during football game days, Bowman said. âÄúThere is just not going to be enough room for parking,âÄù he said. âÄúThereâÄôs no way we can schedule a basketball doubleheader or anything else, it just wonâÄôt work.âÄù Parking and Transportation Services spokeswoman Mary Sienko said they are working with a number of University departments to coordinate traffic flow during games. âÄúWe are seeking to provide the most pleasant experience for all attendees,âÄù Sienko said. Students The student season ticket policy or selection process will not be available until spring, Bowman said. âÄúStudent tickets are a whole different beast,âÄù Bowman said. There will be 10,000 seats allocated to students , and administration has been discussing how to select which students, but no decisions have been made yet. Students can expect an announcement sometime after the first of the year, Bowman said.