Wasteful use of police resources

There was a clear, concerted effort by the Minneapolis police force over the weekend to eradicate the presence of the nonstudent public from otherwise public spaces, such as Coffman Union and Moos Tower. Not only is this an example of the misallocation of police resources and spending, but is further indicative of the UniversityâÄôs inability to foster public inclusivity and understanding rather than becoming a repressive element in a machinery that attempts to discipline and punish. I am doubly ashamed and outraged as a public citizen and as a student of this campus. Some of the best lessons are indeed learned on campus, but not necessarily in the classroom. I know how to cut spending: cut University of Minnesota police spending that is being funneled into a ridiculous attempt to cite, arrest and shove out people who are merely trying to get some shut-eye in a commuter lounge. Scott Sundvall University student