Students quieren Taco Bell for cheap meals

You can call it nourishment for the poor, toiling masses. Or you can call it sustenance for the proletariat.
Maybe you should just call it a deal for starving college students.
In other words, the winner for this year’s Best Meal Under $5 is Taco Bell.
From the sprinkled cheddar happiness of its tasty burritos to the mysterious and alluring meat of their scrumptious tacos, Taco Bell offers students a hearty morsel from our neighbor to the south at a reasonable price.
Why waste your money on the ordinary Americana meal that other multinational chains offer? Taco Bell offers students (and the working class) an international meal quickly at non-international prices.
Plus, where else can you practice your Spanish without the hassles of an annoying Spanish instructor who’s only interested in getting you to trill properly and use the predicate nominative double indicative.
Taco Bell, located in Dinkytown, downtown, Uptown, off Franklin and now in Stadium Village, is also as abundant as a family of rabbits.
And that Taco Bell dog can out-dance the Subway girl any day of the week.
— David Hyland