And remember kids, Pop-Tarts are explosive

by Jackie Renzetti

Pop-Tart ads have become known over the years for their darkly humorous scenarios in which anthropomorphic pastries unexpectedly meet their fate.  They appear in various situations, whether as a closet yodeler, monster or treasure finder. Real life Kellogg's Pop-Tarts have also inspired experiments and art projects. For your viewing pleasure, here is a highlight list of the whimsical doodles.



1) The one where the Pop-Tart turned strudel hides in an antique shop and blows his cover by bursting into a yodel




2) The mad scientist episode. Of course, you can’t forget the classic outtake reel.



via Poptarts Wikia


3) Sorry kids, but there’s no pot of gold.




At first glance, it almost seems as if the rainbow might continue into the Nyan Cat, which rose to fame in 2011.  Chris Torres, the creator of the flying half-kitten half-pop-tart, originally named his gif “Pop-Tart Cat,” but after it got paired with the Japanese song Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya” (an onomatopoeia like “meow”) on Youtube, the rest was history.



Via Giphy


4) The dragon does the dirty deed




But be warned, Pop-Tarts can burst into flames with or without the help of mythical creatures.



Patrick R. Michaud of Texas A&M Corpus Christi once conducted an experiment which found that Strawberry poptarts may give flames up to 18 inches high.


5) We can’t leave out perhaps the most disturbing one of all — the photo booth.