Student missing; no strong leads

by Sarah McKenzie

University Police are investigating the disappearance of a 19-year-old woman from Centennial Hall.
According to police reports, Kathryn Sidwell, a freshman in the College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences, has not been seen in the residence hall since April 19. Laurie Jeroslow, Sidwell’s hall director, reported her missing to police Monday afternoon.
Sidwell lives in a single room and is originally from Manhattan, Kan. Her parents could not be reached Tuesday.
“This is very puzzling,” said University Police Sgt. Jo Anne Benson. “No one has seen her, and her parents do not know where she is.”
Benson said she has spoken with Sidwell’s father, who she said has not heard from his daughter for more than a week. He arrived at the University Tuesday to help investigators with the search.
Ralph Rickgarn, coordinator for student behavior for Housing and Residential Life, said Sidwell’s father met with Centennial Hall’s housing staff Tuesday to gather any information on his daughter’s whereabouts.
“We really have no good leads at this point,” Rickgarn said. “We are just searching.”
Sidwell did not notify other students in the hall or her parents about plans to leave her room for an extended period of time, Benson said.
“We don’t think she was depressed or suicidal,” Benson said, who noted that the student has been described as a very quiet person.
Centennial Hall residents who were asked about Sidwell’s disappearance said they knew nothing of the incident.
Jeroslow declined to comment on Sidwell’s disappearance, but appeared emotionally distraught.
She said housing officials typically wait to hear from a missing student’s parents before information is relayed to other residents in the hall.