A&E’s summer watching guide

Hot or not, sometimes you just don’t want to be outside. Here are some things to watch.

Illustrated by Hailee Schievelbein

Illustrated by Hailee Schievelbein

by Sophie Vilensky


Billed as a bit of a rougher “Skins,” “Euphoria,” Zendaya’s long-awaited HBO series, follows a high schooler named Rue who just left rehab. She has no plans to stay clean.

Flushed in neon and featuring an as-expected-from-HBO great soundtrack and a strong batch of young Hollywood actors, this is one to try after you’ve rewatched “Big Little Lies.”

The “Before” Trilogy

Old news, perhaps. But when June 16 passes — the anniversary of Jesse and Celine’s first fateful night together — how can you not watch?

“Before Sunrise,” “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight” take place nine years apart and came out nine years apart, in 1995, 2004 and 2013, respectfully. Here’s the concept: two people meet on a train and fall in love. Every nine years they walk around a European city and talk about life, love, the future and the past.

“I Think You Should Leave”

Released in April, this is one you have to watch at least twice. The first time … you might not like it. You might not like it the second time either!

But if you do, you’ll thank us.

A Netflix original, this sketch show stars and is written and produced by SNL alum Tim Robinson. The thing about Robinson’s sketches, which feature a strong cast of funny people, is that they aren’t what you think they are. That’s all we’ll say!

“90 Day Fiance: The Other Way”

There are so many spin-offs “90 Day Fiance” could do, and we would watch all of them.

On this version of the hit reality television show, Americans choose to leave the country and shack up with their long-distance lovers.

It’s all very exciting.

Coming soon:


Written and directed by Ari Aster (the haunted genius behind “Hereditary”), this horror film appears mostly day-lit. Its color scheme is soft and flowery, its wardrobe very Reformation.

While the official date of this year’s midsummer holiday in Sweden was June 22, we’ll have to wait until July 3 for the release of the new horror “masterpiece.”

“Stranger Things”

There are a lot of shows that should quit while they’re ahead, but this isn’t one of them. We all want to see these kids grow up, right?

Aptly released on the Fourth of July, “Stranger Things” season three promises more of what we know and love, plus the addition of a character played by Maya Hawke (daughter of the aforementioned “Before Sunrise”‘s Ethan Hawke and the marvelous Uma Thurman).

Plus, there will be scenes taking place in a mall!


Picture this: you wake up one morning and realize you are the only person in the world who remembers the Beatles. What an idea! And on June 28, you can see it play out on the big screen.

There are two things we’re looking forward to about this movie. First, a soundtrack comprised of Beatles songs, which we haven’t seen since we became (somewhat inappropriately) obsessed with “Across the Universe” in elementary school.

The second is the casting of Lily James. We wish “Mamma Mia! 3” was coming out.