JCPenney creates clothing I actually like?!?!

by Kara Nesvig

 What is the world coming to? I’m attracted to designs from the mall store of all mall stores, JCPenney? I hate JCPenney! I haven’t been in the store since I quit wearing Mudd flares in junior high. But like a lot of mall anchor retailers, they’re trying to revamp their image by collaborating with more high-end designers, following in the footsteps of Target and H&M. American Living is cheaper Ralph Lauren, Max Azaria from BCGB worked with Penney’s for awhile, they hooked up with Sephora, and now they have Sam Ronson’s sister Charlotte (I <3 Ronson) and Ann Taylor, designing for them.

Here’s the piece from NY Mag’s "The Cut" blog that caught my attention and gave me a newfound hope for the suburban mainstay. I love this stuff–it looks like Vera Wang!