Upcoming U dodgeball tourney grows in popularity

Ching Lo

Students will dodge class, try to dodge homework or even dodge their parents.

This year, they’ll also play dodgeball.

The University Recreation and Sports Department is organizing an intramural dodgeball tournament for October.

“The game is wild, but we have it under control,”

dodgeball tournament coordinator Steve Schreader said. “When the game is on, it’s like a war.”

Students have been playing the game every semester for the last two years, Schreader said. Registration for the event ends today, and they already have more teams signed up than in previous years.

Perhaps because of the movie “Dodgeball,” which was released this summer, the sport is gaining interest, intramural sports program coordinator Vinh Chung said.

But when the tournament was created, no such movie existed.

“We did not create the tournament based on the movie,” Schreader said.

There is room for 20 teams in the tournament, and 14 are signed up so far, Schreader said. Last year, eight to 10 teams participated in the games.

In dodgeball, teams compete head to head by throwing balls at each other, Schreader said. The game ends after all team members are eliminated.

Chung said the interest in the tournament might eventually lead to a league.

The event is open to both men and women, and costs $20 per team.

Participants have been having fun, telling their friends and increasing interest in the game, Chung said.

“The champion team last year was very enthusiastic and crazy, and into the game,” Schreader said.