Man threatens Sally’s bouncer;

A disgruntled patron threatened to kill a bouncer who refused to let him into Sally’s Saloon and Eatery early Thursday morning.
When the bouncer stopped the patron who presented an expired driver’s license as proof of his age, the man began to question him in a “matter of fact” tone, according to a Minneapolis police report.
“Do you have a wife and family?” the rejected patron asked.
“No,” the bouncer replied.
“Is your address in the phone book?”
“No,” the bouncer replied.
“Do you own a gun?”
“What relevance does that have?” the bouncer queried.
“You might have to use it to defend yourself,” the patron responded.
As the patron and several companions left the bar, he turned and told the bouncer, “I’m gonna hook you up and shoot you!”
The bouncer does not intend to press charges.

In other police news:
ù A 1990 Ford Probe was stolen from a 60-year-old Wayzata man last Thursday.
The maroon car, with Minnesota license plate number 091-GCG, was taken from the residence of the man’s 24-year-old son in the 600 block of Sixth Avenue Southeast, according to a Minneapolis police report.
The son, a College of Liberal Arts senior, told police he had the keys and hadn’t given anyone permission to drive the vehicle.

ù Minneapolis police arrested a 31-year-old woman who made a scene at a Bakers Square Restaurant & Pie Shop near the University Saturday evening.
Police brought the Minneapolis woman to Hennepin County Jail after she chased several customers away from the restaurant at 2425 University Ave. S.E.
While intoxicated, the woman entered the restaurant, swore at her server and called her a “nigger,” according to a police report.
The manager calmed her, but after the woman was served her food, she began to walk around the restaurant, swearing and moving furniture, police said.
When customers began to complain and leave, Minneapolis police were called and the woman arrested.

ù A man broke the glass in a door to a Bailey Hall lounge area Thursday night, and then threatened to kill a staff member who tried to calm him, according to a University Police report.

ù University Police assisted a 75-year-old woman who apparently fell from a car near the Phillips-Wangensteen Building on Monday.
The woman’s son told police the Coleraine woman fell and hit her head on the sidewalk as she was getting out of the vehicle, according to the report.
The woman was brought to the building’s emergency room.
ù University Police cited a Minneapolis woman for indecent exposure at the Minnesota StandDown last Saturday evening.
When police arrived to check on the woman, she exposed herself to them, the police report said.
The woman was also cited for giving police a false name.