The state of the State of the State

Dayton reaffirmed the need to invest in education in yesterday’s speech.

Daily Editorial Board

After just five weeks in office, Gov. Mark Dayton gave his first State of the State address Wednesday, laying out a plan to improve jobs, transportation, health, government services and education.
The overall tone of the speech was strong and decisive, which is exactly what these important issues need. Investing in the future took center stage, and Dayton put it simply by saying, âÄúIt begins with education.âÄù
The governorâÄôs plan to revamp education doesnâÄôt solely mean increasing spending. Dayton asked for more public-private partnerships, asking businesses to âÄúadopt a school, college or university and become actively involved in making them better.âÄù It is an innovative idea he first mentioned during his inaugural that could really have a positive effect.
The changing tide of higher education was acknowledged when Dayton thanked âÄútwo of our most distinguished citizens, the retiring leadersâÄù University President Bob Bruininks and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Chancellor James McCormick. With all this change, now is the time to shake things up.
The most decisive part on this topic was when Dayton reaffirmed his promise to âÄúincrease state funding for public K-12 education every year [heâÄôs] governor with no excuses and no exceptions.âÄù ThatâÄôs a lofty but essential goal.
Republicans often cry foul over the word investment, saying itâÄôs just a thinly veiled way of saying more taxing. Education is truly an investment in MinnesotaâÄôs future. ThatâÄôs something every lawmaker can agree on.