Sleeping man arrested for trespassing in Stadium Village

Also, a woman was cited for shoplifting from Coffman Union’s University Bookstore.

Ethan Nelson


Minneapolis police officers responded to a call from Stadium Village Flats on Friday morning that a homeless man was sleeping on the apartment lobby’s couch, according to a police report.

Officers found the man sleeping with his shirt pulled over his head, according to the report. When they woke him and asked for his identification card, he refused to hand it over and declined to provide his name, the report said.

Since the man wasn’t a resident of the building, the officers informed him he was trespassing and was legally required to give his name, said Minneapolis police Public Information Officer John Elder.

After being placed under arrest, the man gave officers a name, the report said, but wasn’t able to give the Wisconsin address listed under the name he provided. The man was booked at Hennepin County Jail.

“He wasn’t physically combative,” Elder said. “He was just verbally combative. He was rather passive-aggressive.”

Still, Elder said MPD doesn’t know if the name the man provided was accurate.

“If his name doesn’t match in the national database, then we can’t know for sure if it’s him,” Elder said. “If I said my name was Peter Smith and my name doesn’t match up with my fingerprints, then we have no idea who I could be.”

Theft at bookstore

University of Minnesota police officers responded to a shoplifting call placed by security staff at the Coffman Union bookstore on June 3.

A University student attempted to steal several items from the store, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. Police cited the student for theft and trespassing.

When University police officers arrived, they found a headband, pencil, pack of pencil lead and travel mug — totaling about $27 — in the student’s pockets and backpack, Miner said.

“Usually textbooks are stolen from the bookstore,” Miner said. “It’s not usually low-priced items like this.”