MN to stop purchasing products that contain triclosan

Rebecca Harrington


Gov. Mark Dayton signed an executive order Monday banning state agencies from purchasing products that contain the ingredient triclosan, according to the Associated Press.

Commonly used as an antibacterial agent, triclosan is present in soaps, cosmetics, toys and other household products, according to a previous Minnesota Daily article.

University of Minnesota researchers published a study at the end of January that showed triclosan's buildup in Minnesota's lakes. The ingredient can form dioxins when sunlight hits it, which can be harmful to fish and wildlife. 

Sustainability manager at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Cathy Moeger told MinnPost that Minnesota will use up its current products that contain triclosan by June.

"By purchasing items without triclosan," Moeger said, "state agencies are doing their part to keep this harmful chemical out of Minnesota waters."

University professor William Arnold, lead author of the study, will testify before the Minnesota House of Representatives Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Finance Committee on Tuesday morning on triclosan.