Ed Sheeran’s new song sounds weirdly like Justin Timberlake

Melanie Richtman

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran released a new song on April 7 titled “Sing” that sounds a lot like early Justin Timberlake, with a poppy beat in the background and a beautiful falsetto. The song has more of an R&B flair than most of the music Ed Sheeran makes, probably because it was produced by Pharrell.

It can’t be denied: Ed Sheeran is pretty talented. I’ll cast an early ballot for “Sing” as song of the summer, because god knows it’ll be less controversial than “Blurred Lines” and probably less annoying than “Get Lucky,” both of which involved Pharrell. We might as well keep his streak going. Also, Taylor Swift loves this song so I’m pretty sure that means we have to love it.