Weekend Round-Up: More from the AHC, Klobuchar going to fancy SB party

Mike Rose

On this very super of Sundays, it’s time for a Weekend Round-Up of some University related news:

*More coverage of the University’s decision to combine dean of the Medical School with senior vice president for Academic Health Services, effectively leaving current-Dean Deborah Powell out of a job by July 1. The Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio, along with the Daily, had coverage of the story in the past few days, and I’d expect more coverage in the coming days: while University President Bob Bruininks has called out the media’s coverage and said the move isn’t political, there is some grumbling that Powell is being ousted due to a slew of controversy within the Med School recently (see: ethics reform panel) and her position of the PepsicoAmericas board. Stay tuned…  

*The state’s only Senator (for now), Amy Klobuchar, is attending a Super Bowl party at the White House tonight, MPR reports. She is apparently among a handful of lawmakers invited and will bring a gift to Barack Obama (perhaps she wants an economic stimulus gift in return?). However, the Super Bowl isn’t all that super: this AP story details how this year’s game (and it’s ever-famous buildup) hasn’t been as extravagent as years past due to…you guessed it…the economy.

*Lastly, the Star Tribune had a brief on the three sexual assaults on campus last week. The Daily also had coverage Friday. Anyone with information on the incidents should call 612-624-2677.

Tails never fails…and rock on, Bruce.