The voice of the Republican Party

RNC Chairman’s apology to a conservative pundit is problematic for conservatives.

Rush Limbaugh recently blasted Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele for âÄútaking the bait,âÄù claiming although Steele is head of the Republican National Committee, he is not head of the Republican Party. After the show, Steele contacted Limbaugh via telephone and apologized for recent critical comments Steele made about Limbaugh. Once again, we have another Republican bowing down to a radio host who in the past has made outrageous, inflammatory remarks aimed to enrage and put down those whose views differ from his. SteeleâÄôs apology is even more disturbing given LimbaughâÄôs views on the current administration. In January, Limbaugh notoriously said he hoped that President Barack Obama would fail. A media frenzy ensued, causing Limbaugh to address the issue in a speech broadcast on CNN and Fox News. According to Limbaugh, he meant he hoped ObamaâÄôs policies would fail, not the man himself, which of course absolves the problem, because as long as ObamaâÄôs policies send the nation into an even deeper hole than before, then it would be the perfect time for the Republicans to swoop in and save whatever is left. Fast-forward to March: We now have the head of the Republican National Committee saying he has âÄúimmense respectâÄù for Limbaugh and holds him in high regards. LetâÄôs reiterate: Limbaugh wants the Obama administration to fail. A high-ranking Republican official supports him. Conservatives may fight with conservatives and liberals may fight with liberals, but in the end, theyâÄôll both wind up united within the scope of their own ideologies and will go back to ignoring the other side. Nobody will take responsibility for those who make a bad name for themselves, because if they do, suddenly theyâÄôre made out to cause derision in their own political party regardless of their efforts to improve it. This editorial, accessed via UWire, was originally published in the Daily Eastern News at Eastern Illinois University. Please send comments to [email protected]