The Fashionista is in: leaving on a jet plane

Trusted travel solutions for the fleeing fashionista.

Lay t-shirts flat to save suitcase space for summer traveling.

Chelsea Gortmaker

Lay t-shirts flat to save suitcase space for summer traveling.

Shannon Ryan


A heady bout of travel anxiety is the common preface to a trip welltraveled. Questions arise from the ambiguity of suitcase packing — how many blouses is really too many blouses — to the memory of what items are essential suitcase stuffers — oh where, oh where is my iPhone charger?

I’ve compiled a list of pre-plane, train or automobile travel tips to ease your fleeing mind and body.

Overall, it’s about how to minimize stress when traveling, yes, but it’s also a farewell piece from this resident fashionista. Do remember the apparel advice I’ve tossed your way in earlier columns, and I’ll leave you with this: To the senior class, happy graduation, and to all students, safe summer travels. Keep on stylin’.


Pre-packing wisdoms

Grab a notebook and a pen — or your fingertips and an iPhone — and scroll down your trip’s essentials: its length, the predicted temperatures and any paramount activities you have scheduled.

Now note how many clothing items, shoes, technologies, shades of lipstick, etc., you’ll need. This is the scripture to follow throughout the packing process.

Pull out all the garments you anticipate needing, and then cut those in half. Select tops and bottoms by creating outfits in your mind; don’t select items arbitrarily. Make sure to grab dresses, skirts, shorts and pants to add dimension to your take-away wardrobe, and always pack more tops than bottoms.

Keep fabrics in mind when choosing clothes. Knits, wools and cottons tend to resist wrinkles more than silks and linens, so be alert to that. Consider packing a petite steamer if you’ll be in a location without an iron. Wrinkles are the acne of clothing — icky.


Packing to perfection

Advising someone to roll instead of fold their garments when packing is like telling someone to wear running shoes with denim skinnies — it’s lousy guidance. Folding your clothes is more of a space-saver.

Put shoes on the bottom of the suitcase, as they’re the most difficult items to stow. Place items inside of them; stuff socks, underwear, tights, etc., to conserve space.

Wrap breakable items in bulky sweaters, and place them in the middle of your goods. Make sure those items are wholly surrounded by soft fabrics and are separated from each other.

Stow inexpensive jewelry pieces in a seven-day plastic pillbox or store them in a 35-millimeter film container lined with tissue. If you find it pertinent to take precious, expensive jewels during your travels, then I suggest wearing them to reduce the risk of loss or theft.