Comcast increases residential Internet speeds for free

Kia Farhang

Internet giant Comcast increased speeds for its residential customers in the Twin Cities at no extra charge Tuesday.

The affected users will see their upload and download speeds increase as soon as they unplug their cable modems and plug them back in, according to Twin Cities Business. The increase only applies to Comcast’s most popular service tiers.

"This is about maintaining a superior product and answering the demands of our customers," said David Tashjian, Comcast vice president of sales and marketing, in an interview with the Pioneer Press.

Comcast’s national campaign to increase speeds for free comes at a time when more and more households are connecting to the Internet with multiple devices at a time, straining networks and causing headaches for users.

It may also be a response to competitors like Verizon and AT&T, who have laid fiber-optic cables with potential speeds much higher than Comcast’s current offerings.