Culture Compass — Tom Green, Envy and Immolation

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome.

Grace Gouker


Tom Green

Rick BronsonâÄôs House of Comedy at the Mall of America

8:00 p.m.



One of our favorite Canadians will soon appear in Bloomington for a night of rapping, Facebook-bashing and other presumably tasteful commentary on his world-wide comedy tour. As the lovable Tom would say, âÄúQuando Omni Flunkus Moritati,âÄù fellow students.



Immolation, Vader, Abigail Williams, Pathology and Lecherous Nocturne

Station 4

7:00 p.m.

$17- 20.00


If youâÄôre sick of Pitchfork, the Varsity, Ray Bans and Dave Eggers, take a moment to consider this show. Immolation, the legendary and genre-bending metal band that began in the late âÄô80s, has come out with a new album that reasserts them as masterfully dark and musically staggering as ever. Abigail Williams, despite the dainty name, should prove to knock their audience on their asses just as effectively.



Envy, Trash Talk, Touché Amore and So I Watch

Triple Rock Social Club

9:00 p.m.



Japan has pumped out some outstanding post-rock in recent years, and Envy is no exception. Tetsuya Fukagawa, vocalist for the band, breaks the mold with killer screams that so often obscure other instrumental crescendos. To complement the hardcore background that comes through, Fukagawa whispers in affecting, otherworldly tones thatâÄôll make your Godspeed albums crinkle in chagrin.




Listen to this: Twin Shadow


Disregard the slander against Pitchfork above for this one. Currently rated as one of the siteâÄôs âÄúBest New Albums,âÄù George Lewis Jr., under the alias Twin Shadow, released the album âÄúForgetâÄù under the production of Chris Taylor (riding off his Grizzly Bear fame). The âÄô80s New Wave feel is surprisingly not redundant, and undeniably current despite the genre.



Drink this: Jubelale


Deschutes Brewery is the divine incarnate, living in Bend, Oregon. Mirror Pond Ale, Black Butte, Shot in the Dark and countless other prize-winning brews have blown away critics and casual drinkers alike. Their seasonal Jubelale, due to come to the Twin Cities in the next two weeks, perpetuates their reputation. Bypassing the Coffee Bender at least once for this tasty treat is absolutely required.


Eat this: Perciatelli at the Modern Café


Though well-known for its meat loaf, Modern Café makes one helluva spicy lamb and ratatouille dish.


Watch this: Waiting for Superman


As quite a few students have probably noticed, the public school system has failed and is failing for innumerable pupils. This documentary follows those in elementary schools right up through college, recounting several situations which should not have to be experienced by anyone interested in pursuing an education. If only there was a solution to be found for our current English department budget issues in the film âĦ


Read this: âÄúEarth (The Book)âÄù


Jon Stewart has put out a new book that explains the world and all its follies, written on the pretense of writing it for puzzled alien life looking for answers to questions of our wonderfully complicated planet. There is equally as much to be learned by EarthâÄôs inhabitants.