Put on some lingerie

Tall, skinny, scantily clad women walked the catwalk Wednesday night during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Feminist groups unsuccessfully tried to talk CBS out of airing the show. They saw this show as a promotion of a form of pornography and a bad representation of American women. I very much disagree with them.

I find the Victoria’s Secret show fascinating to watch. It’s all a matter of your point of view. You can look at the show as offensive to women or you can look at it as successful women following their dreams.

These women were given a gift, like every one else in the world, but their gift was long legs and beautiful faces. Feminists should look at the show as a learning tool rather than just looking at the fashion show superficially. The amount of work and creativity that goes into shows like this is astounding.

Women’s groups could show young girls how hard work and determination can help them reach their goals. These women didn’t just fall out of the sky; they struggled in the industry for years before they finally reached their goals.

Granted, some of the Victoria’s Secret models are very thin, but there are also quite a few who are muscular and healthy. People say that the models don’t represent the American women as a whole, but the majority of the models are not from America. They come from all over the world, and that goes for the majority of models you see in magazines too.

The Victoria’s Secret fashion shows are an art form, and they represent the sexiness that we all want to feel, no matter what your size is. The models, to me, represent different sizes, cultures and above all feeling sexy about your body. I hate to say it, but I feel that there are some women out there whose protest against Victoria’s Secret is fueled by a bit of jealousy.

Gina Lang, senior, communication studies