Another response to “How to spot a womanizer”

Jonathan Kaeppeler

Paige VigilâÄôs column seems to miss one important point: A man can only be a âÄúwomanizerâÄù if there are promiscuous women willing to enable him to claim this sexual crown. In fact, I would counter VigilâÄôs argument and say that while Britney SpearsâÄô pop hit reintroduced us to the âÄúwomanizer,âÄù Neko Case, in her own recent hit, proclaimed to be a âÄúmaneaterâÄù âÄî a woman who simply wants to âÄúlie to get into bed with you, cheat on you throughout the relationship and steal your heart,âÄù as Vigil puts so nicely. Vigil, if you want to examine âÄúwomanizers,âÄù you must also take responsibility for your own genderâÄôs bad behavior. Just as women get hurt by these âÄúalpha males,âÄù men also get hurt by âÄúalpha females.âÄù Men and women are both guilty of these disgusting behaviors. Ignoring this fact only hurts the reputation of good people like us who desire honest relationships. Jonathan Kaeppeler University undergraduate student