Phi Kappa Psi auction to benefit Boys and Girls Club

Nickalas Tabbert

Phi Kappa Psi members will be up for bid tonight to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club.

The philanthropy event, part of the fraternity's Sweetheart Week, has become a tradition, Psi Kappa Psi President Logan Voelker said.

Sorority members competing to be the fraternity's sweetheart bid on house members as they walk along a catwalk constructed in the living room, Voelker said.  The winning girl gets to take the guy out on a date at a later time.

"Most guys go for $5 or $10, but there have been times when you see a guy go for over $100 if they are dating a girl or a girl likes the guy," Voelker said.  "We auction off the previous year's sweetheart too, and the seniors usually buy her.  Sometimes that price is over $300."

Every fraternity member present at the event, which is usually between 45 and 50, is auctioned off, Voelker said.

"This event is a great cause because it's a great way to raise money and it benefits the Boys and Girls Club," Voelker said.   

The event will take place at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house at 7 p.m.