Ivory Tower: supportive of online publishing

On behalf of the staff at Ivory Tower, I am writing to clear the air over some grievances we have with the DailyâÄôs Dec. 13, 2010, article “Online publishing popular with writers.”

We appreciated being included as a source of opinion on Internet publishing, but we feel our magazineâÄôs integrity was compromised by a slightly unfair portrayal of our opinions.

As expected with any article, some of the less expressive interviews given by our staff were excluded from the piece.

What were included were strong quotes in response to strong questions that painted our magazine as unsupportive of the online publishing environment.

This couldnâÄôt be further from the truth. It is our mission to promote original work and creative expression of undergraduate students the best way we can. We believe online publishing is a great opportunity to innovate the industry, and we look forward to exploring new online avenues of publication for Ivory Tower this year.

Ivory Tower is produced through two classes in the English department. We wanted to share that Ivory Tower has received nothing but support from them, despite the financial strains in the current economy. We are happy for the opportunity as students to produce a quality magazine every year with their continued support.