Bring back the Brickhouse

With the football stadium issue being addressed once again at the Board of Regents meeting last week, I would like to point out an option that the University should seriously consider when it comes to deciding the future of Golden Gopher football.

Because you cannot guarantee the Vikings will stay in Minnesota, that leaves the University with the option of building a stadium exclusively for Gopher football. I think the idea of creating a modern replica of Memorial Stadium is a perfect solution for a number of reasons. First of all, the old Memorial Stadium was a perfect venue for college football, and bringing it back on the Huron Boulevard Parking Complex site would most certainly bring everyone back, especially the students. Secondly, I would imagine that replicating Memorial Stadium may be the most cost effective way of building a new stadium.

Memorial Stadium was a simple stadium that served its purpose well, and that purpose was to bring entertainment and excitement to campus on a fall Saturday morning or afternoon. Bringing it back can certainly revive the rich tradition and excitement of Gopher football. It is in the best interest of the University to give Gopher football a second chance in becoming one of the greatest places in the country to watch collegiate football.