Here’s what you need to know about returning spring textbooks and library rentals

University of Minnesota Bookstores and Libraries are extending deadlines and waiving shipping and overdue fees across the board because of COVID-19.

Sarah Mai

Sarah Mai

Becca Most

With the brick-and-mortar University of Minnesota Bookstores and all campus libraries closed indefinitely, many students still have textbooks or equipment they rented in their possession.

Whether it’s a history textbook from a bookstore or a camera checked out from University Commons, the University said all return deadlines will be extended and students will be exempt from any overdue fees.

Textbook rental returns

Deadlines for textbook rentals through University Bookstores are extended past the original May 15 deadline. Students on the Twin Cities campus can return their books to a drop box site outside the Bookstore entrance in Coffman Union after April 27 or mail them.

University Bookstores said that rentals must be returned in clean, usable condition with no damage. Any lost or damaged books will result in students being charged the full price of the book minus their rental fee.

The deadline to return textbooks is June 5. Renters will receive a prepaid shipping label via email during the week of May 4. 

To return the textbooks by mail, students should put all of their rental books in one package, as the shipping label is only valid for a single use. Once received, the return will be processed in three to five business days.

Those who want to return their textbooks before the week of May 4 can contact [email protected] and receive a prepaid shipping label. 

Textbook buyback

The University Bookstores developed a virtual textbook buyback program that will allow students to sell back unwanted textbooks at the end of the term. 

Using this website, students can find the value of their books, send them in with a prepaid shipping label and get paid for them with a check.

UMN Library returns

University Libraries said they request students to not return any checked out items at this time. Any deadline for items such as equipment, books or charging kits has been extended toMay 14. 

If students must bring back items now, books or laptops can be returned in the book return slots outside of Wilson, Walter, Magrath or Natural Resources libraries. 

All books and materials will be processed once the library has opened again.

There will be no additional fees for any overdue materials. Students can contact [email protected] with any additional questions or concerns.  

Buying additional course materials

Students can still buy textbooks or other course materials online. University Bookstores will also cover all shipping costs for textbooks.

Additionally, several textbook publishers are waiving access fees for their online texts.