Culture Compass: Jim James and the end of courtship?

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome, ya filthy animals.

Shannon Ryan


Sol Inspirations’ Fashion Scholarship Benefit

Bespoke Hair Artisans

3918 W. 49 1/2 St., Edina

6–8:30 p.m.


Students, style, tally cards and organic wine — what’s not to love? Sol Inspirations is hosting a fashion scholarship competition for local students involved in the industry to create and design garments developed from textiles found at used clothing stores. The event was generated as an attempt to highlight the emerging fashion design talent in the Twin Cities while also educating the community on ethical garment-construction practices. Sounds like a splendid evening to sniff some talent, cozy up to some sparkling wine, and practice your harshest Heidi Klum accent: You are out.



The Maccabees

Varsity Theater

1308 Fourth St. SE, Minneapolis

9 p.m.


Five cute guys walk into a bar and play some jams slightly surpassing average with a sea of youthful ladies and gents wrapped in crisp indie attire at their feet; that is this event in a nutshell. The UK post-punk band is climbing the indie ladder with a very pastel-pop-seeking-gray-tones sound and has certainly developed a substantial following. The Maccabees are so adorably hip that they’re one patterned cardigan away from turning into a vintage wallpaper print. Check ’em out for yourself.





Coffman Union

300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis

10 p.m.



He’s been forgiven for his 2003 abomination of “Gigli” and has moved on to more culturally stimulating and less wasteful (read: celluloid) productions, and that’s why we love ya, Ben Affleck. Affleck stars and directs in “Argo,” an American thriller retelling the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. Measuring at a 96 percent on the tomatometer and being nominated for seven Academy Awards, the film has undoubtedly been well-received among its audiences.




Listen to this: “Regions of Light and Sound of God,” Jim James

Piercing, piping vocals are nothing out of the ordinary for My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James, and his solo LP doesn’t shy away from ’em either. “Regions of Light and Sound of God” is a concept album, exploring themes of temptation, corruption and redemption triggered by Lynd Ward’s 1929 novel, “Gods’ Man.” All nine tracks send you on a wide-eyed roadtrip, complete with pit stops at morality and forgiveness, and you guys, it’s good; it’s really good.


Watch this: “Full of Fire,” a film by Marit Ãñstberg, music by The Knife

Releasing you into a disorienting realm of sexuality, this 10-minute short is duly noted for its experimental content. Without explicitly showing any nudity, the film is darkly erotic insofar that it becomes disturbing. Exploring themes of sexism, hetero-norms and homosexuality through alternative visuals and a raucous narration by The Knife, you’ll feel most comfortable watching the video with a bottle of vodka gripped tightly in hand.


Read this: “The End of Courtship?” The New York Times, Jan. 2013

Dating 2.0 — ah, the joys of being a single millennial and on the prowl in your 20s. The article questions the death of courtship and the drastically changed dating environment we as young adults have created and fostered; our incessant use of technology at the helm of said change. ’Tis a fitting read the week before indulging in candy hearts, lace and love with your boo on V-Day — wait, if we only “group hang,” is he my boo? There are so many questions. Happy reading!