Regent Johnson’s lip service on athletics

Based on his comments to Pioneer Press columnist Charley Walters on Oct. 27, Dean Johnson is unfit to be a University of Minnesota regent. He pays loose-lip service to teaching and research and somehow comes to the wrong-headed conclusion that athletics are the best vehicle for “outreach,” whatever that means.

In truth, athletics has become a wasteful, often criminal and overall intolerable embarrassment to the University. It should be abolished at the intercollegiate level in favor of intramural sports, which can serve all students and faculty with guidance into lifetime fitness and recreational sports.

Regent Johnson displays the sports mentality of Sid Hartman at a time when education must be the primary focus and costly wasteful distractions must be eliminated. Would you want Hartman as a Regent? YouâÄôve practically got him in Dean Johnson.

I ask Regent Johnson publicly: What does football and other intercollegiate sports have to do with education? As for his support of the extortion of Target Field by the public bloodsucking Carl PohladâÄôs family, what good has that done our jobless, our homeless and our hungry? Just as much as Big Ten football has done for education at the University.

Do the state of Minnesota and the University a huge favor, Regent Johnson, and resign.