U must make Aramark stop using unsustainable tuna

Even as a child, my favorite animal had always been sea turtles. Through my love for this animal, I developed a passion for the ocean. It is out of this love and passion that I am writing to let you know that the University of Minnesota 
Twin Cities’ food service provider, Aramark, is contributing to ocean destruction.
Aramark is serving unsustainable tuna that result in high levels of bycatch — killing marine life such as sea 
turtles, dolphins, whales, rays and sharks. With Aramark continuing to offer unsustainable tuna, we are supporting reckless and destructive commercial fishing.
Unless we intervene, ocean destruction will continue. The University has a significant role in the fight for ocean sustainability. 
We need the administration to work with Aramark to ensure that we are served only sustainably caught tuna. Sustainable tuna includes pole-and-line-caught and free school-caught skipjack tuna. As a student body, we can achieve sustainability by demanding the University to implement a policy that requires Aramark to purchase and serve only sustainably caught tuna by September 2015.