Discussing the FairTax

When family, friends and neighbors are signing up for unemployment or food stamps, or you can’t find a meaningful job after college, it’s hard to swallow government claims about the economy improving.

There’s a reason that it’s hard to believe things are getting better. For the middle class and poor, the economy is not improving. After adjusting for inflation, today’s median income for family households is roughly the same as in 1980. Since the 1970s, the median income for men working full time has remained stagnant. Last year 1.7 million Americans used government help to stay above the poverty level.

The Fair Tax Act would end the game of finding which income bracket allows you to pay the least amount in taxes by ending the income tax. Under the FairTax in the first year, 13.3 million more jobs would be created and wages would increase by 10 percent.

For years the Fair Tax Act has sat in the House Ways and Means Committee. It is time to bring it to the attention of citizens and the House floor.