Taken, Street disappointed with their second-place election finish

After anxiously waiting at the Barbara Barker Center for Dance, presidential and vice presidential candidates Laura Taken and Aaron Street were clearly disappointed by the Minnesota Student Association elections results.
The duo earned 20 percent of the total votes, 609 votes out of 2,996. They received nearly half the votes of Matt Clark and Rachel Boeke, president- and vice president-elect. Street had expected closer results.
“It’s done,” Taken said, refusing to comment on the results. “I gotta go warm up.”
Taken performed in a piece by Chicago-based choreographer Jan Erkert later Wednesday night.
Taken and Street waited in the dance building’s lounge surrounded by supporters and dancers warming up before their performance. However, the candidates did not seem to match the relaxed atmosphere of the place.
“I don’t want to get my hopes up,” Taken said, explaining that by preparing for the worst, she can have a “pleasant surprise.”
“Also, if you lose something, a new opportunity opens up later,” she said.
Street said he enjoyed and learned from the coalition-building aspects of their campaign.
He was disappointed the elections had degenerated into name calling — particularly with chalk-writing on the 10th Avenue Bridge.
“We should be above that,” Street said.

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