Two injured in fight at Library Bar

One of the attackers was booked at Hennepin County Jail for third-degree assault.

Kyle Sando

A group of men assaulted two patrons of The Library Bar and Grill in Dinkytown early Monday morning, landing one in the hospital.

Kelly Walsh said he was leaving The Library Bar to finish off the night at another establishment when he saw his friend, Justin Griesinger, on the ground surrounded by a large group of men.

âÄúI was just walking out to go to a different bar âĦ and I just saw my buddy just getting the crap kicked out of him,âÄù Walsh said. âÄúIâÄôd never met the kids âĦ there was like 12 of them.âÄù

Walsh said he was quick to act after coming across the scene.

âÄúAbout the last thing I can remember, I was running over and I got just absolutely knocked out cold,âÄù Walsh said. âÄúThe next thing I remember is waking up by the police officers.âÄù

Walsh said his account of the night is pieced together through his own recollection and what his friends have told him about the event.

Griesinger also said he didnâÄôt know the attackers, but he was the first one hit in the fight.

Only one of the suspects in the alleged assault was arrested, said Minneapolis police Sgt. Bill Palmer said.

Palmer said the suspect broke WalshâÄôs nose, and Griesinger ended up with a head injury requiring stitches.

Walsh said his injuries are still showing.

âÄúThereâÄôs about âĦ 15 footprints on my chest right now and on my back from their feet stomping on me when I was out cold,âÄù he said.

Walsh said he and his friend were severely outnumbered in the fight and were surrounded.

âÄúMy one roommate picked me up and carried me away when I was knocked out cold,âÄù Walsh said. âÄúMy friends were just trying to get to us and they couldnâÄôt even do it.âÄù

A police report said Griesinger was taken to the hospital for treatment. Walsh chose to be released at the scene.

The suspect who was arrested was taken to Hennepin County Jail and booked for third-degree assault. He remains in custody. Palmer said he will be charged or released as soon as the investigation is completed.

The suspect was the only member of the group to be identified. The investigation is ongoing.