Too true, ‘Saints’

Tyler Purcell

I would like to thank the author of the Feb. 9 letter to the editor âÄúSaints and the sympathy cardâÄù for addressing an issue that has been frustrating me for the last few weeks. Throughout the playoffs I have found the bias of the NFL and the media following it rather insulting. The Saints are a great team and I usually love their style of play, yet during the Super Bowl I could not convince myself to root for them. While I do not come from the same position as the author, having never been a resident of New Orleans, I am a journalism major and I recognize the mediaâÄôs attempts to create stories. I am simply disappointed that such an attempt to create âÄúAmericaâÄôs teamâÄù has ruined my interest in the Saints. Tyler Purcell, University undergraduate student