ROTC Re-Visited

Marija Majerle

University alumnus and World War II veteran Harold Hicks takes a look at the gym on Friday inside the Armory. It was his first time in the building since he graduated 67 years ago.

Last week Hicks was honored by the ROTC with the rare European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign medal and seven Bronze Stars for his involvement in seven campaigns that spanned three years.

Hicks graduated from the University’s chemical engineering program in 1941 and began three years of Foreign Service shortly after.

“It was really, really traumatic when we got orders to deploy because [my wife and I] just had a lovely daughter. I barely had a chance to hug them before I left,” said Hicks.

The campaigns brought him all over Europe, including England, Italy, France and Germany, as well as North Africa.

“I am not a hero,” repeated Hicks as cadets thanked him for his service and bravery.

He in turn thanked them, saying, “The Greatest Generation is an absolutely appropriate term for this generation of cadets.”